Solutions for Do-It-Yourselfers

You can decide through this assistance immediately, if you need only plugs from fischer or also for example the suitable screws, composing sticks, circle hooks as well as appropriate accessory material. 
Furthermore, there still remains the proven fischer colour coding system, with which you can select immediately the suitable building material substrate, and simplifies you therefore the search for the suitable plug for your building material. 

In addition to that, you find on the clear product package pictograms with information to the respective maximum load bearing capacity in kilogram as well as further fixing tips. 

By the way: You can find all Information also with our plug finder on the fischer Website.

The suitable shelve is founded and should now be hung on the wall - to fix this safe and lasting, the suitable plugs and screws are necessary. 

So quickly into the hardware store and getting the suitable pieces - however, often one is faced on-site with the question which ones are the right ones. 

The right plug and screw selection depends basically from the weight, the to be fixed object and the building material, in which the object should be fixed. 

There is a suitable solution from fischer for every fixing requirement - to find this solution, the subdivision on the wall in topic segments and the fischer colour coding system help you.