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Visible fastening

The universal solution for the visible fixation

Predrilling and countersinking in one step with uniform depth ensures a appealing pattern of the terrace.

Product Description

  • The adjustable depth stop prevents countersinking too far. The stop can be perfectly adjusted for the respective screw head.
  • With the fischer spacer FTA-V, decking boards of any size or wood type can be installed easily, quickly and with precision. It creates a uniform installation pattern for the boards without additional tools.
  • Furthermore, it guarantees spaces between the boards and support rails required for good ventilation. This ensures that any waterlogging that may have occurred can dry out. About 15 - 20 pieces are needed per m², depending on board width.

Available Product Variants

3 Product variant (s) found

3 Product variant (s) found

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Art.-No. 539874

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Art.-No. 539890

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Application and Permission

  • Drilling of a hole inclusive a 90° countersinking with defined depth.
  • Spacer for uniform distance between the boards and the same height above sub construction.
Building materials
  • All wooden materials
  • Metal
* You can find detailed information on building materials in the registration document.