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U-Clamp FUBD

The easy handling pipe and cable clamp for direct attachment of lines to FUS mounting rails

The fischer U-clamp FUBD is a time-saving and cost-saving pipe clamp and cable clip for directly fixing conduits to fischer mounting rails FUS in buildings. The FUBD without a sound insulation insert is ideal for fixing conduits made of metal or plastic, or cables, with an outer diameter of 35 to 100 mm. In the pre-mounted U-clamp, a pressure cup is supported by a screw plug that ensures optimum adjustment in line with the outer diameter of the conduit and also acts as a fixing aid. This means that additional accessories such as threaded rods and channel nuts are not necessary. This saves time and money.

Product Description

  • The FUBD without soundproofing is ideal for use in industrial applications, for example, for fixing lightweight flexible supply lines in the immediate area of production machines.
  • Locking screw with hexagonal and slot drive.
  • Quick adaptation to the desired outside pipe diameter by fastening the pressure pan.
  • No loss of parts due to preassembled parts.
  • Time- and cost-saving installation without the need of accessories like threaded rods or sliding nuts.
  • Material U-Strap: steel S235JRC (Werkstoff-Nr.: 1.0122) acc. to EN 10025
  • Zinc plating U-Strap: hot-dip galvanised min. 35 µm acc. to DIN EN ISO 1461
  • Material Pressure pan: steel DX51D acc. to DIN EN 10346
  • Zinc plating Pressure pan: electro zinc plated, min. 5 µm acc. to DIN EN ISO 4042
  • Material Locking screw: steel 4.6 acc. to EN 20898-1
  • Locking screw: with hexagonal SW10 and slot head

Available Product Variants

6 Product variant (s) found

6 Product variant (s) found

Clamping range


Height H


Width x thickness clamp band

b x s

Locking screw
Art.-No. 539564

36 - 40 [mm]

71 [mm]

25 x 1.75 [mm]

M 6 x 24

Art.-No. 539566

48 - 52 [mm]

90 [mm]

25 x 2.0 [mm]

M 8 x 30

Art.-No. 539568

70 - 76 [mm]

113 [mm]

30 x 2.75 [mm]

M 8 x 30

Art.-No. 539569

88 - 94 [mm]

141 [mm]

30 x 2.75 [mm]

M 8 x 40

Art.-No. 539567

56 - 60 [mm]

98 [mm]

30 x 2.25 [mm]

M 8 x 30

Art.-No. 539570

94 - 100 [mm]

147 [mm]

30 x 2.75 [mm]

M 8 x 40

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Application and Permission

  • Fast installation of metal and plastic pipes, flexible plastic pipes or cables without sound insulation requierements directly to FUS installation channels
  • Fits to FUS channels FUS 21, FUS 41, FUS 62, FUS 21D, FUS 41D, FUS 62D

Assembly Instruction

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Mounting Strip 1 Picture
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