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Zykon-Panel anchor FZP II Carbon

The universal carbon fibre-reinforced undercut anchor for natural stone.

The concealed fixing solution for heavy, natural stone façade panels using the carbon fibre-reinforced undercut anchors with flush installation. These are fixed with a consistent drill hole depth aligned to the back of the panel. This type of fixing technology is used, for instance, with calibrated façade panels or for reveal angle installation.

Product Description

  • The adapted shape of the undercut anchor ensures a positive-locking attachment free from expansion pressure in a conical undercut drill hole.
  • The fixing of the undercut anchor is not visible on the exposed side, creating a visually attractive and consistent façade surface.
  • Setting the anchor using undercut technology allows the user to always select the optimal structural position in the façade panel. This greatly reduces panel deflection.
  • The anchor allows for higher pull-out loads, compared to commonly available systems.
  • The flush-mounting technology of the undercut anchor allows an easy, economical handling of reveals.

Available Product Variants


Application and Permission

  • Exterior façades
  • Interior façades
  • Façade reveals
  • Natural stone heating systems
Building materials
  • Natural stone (>20mm)
  • Artificial concrete panels
* You can find detailed information on building materials in the registration document.


  • DoP: 0038
For Details see corresponding Documents

Assembly Instruction

  • Use wet diamond drilling - first cylindrical, then conical - to drill an undercut hole.
  • When the undercut anchor is installed, an optimal, positive-locking connection is created between the expanding part and the drill hole.
  • The anchor is installed at the absolute anchoring depth and therefore flush with the material.
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Documents for Downloading


Title Type Created Valid Till
DOP - Declaration of Performance (PDF, 2 MB) DoP: 0038 12/12/2018