FIXPERIENCE Software download

We are improving our software constantly. To have the highest performance and so the best convenience for our external user we implemented the Microsoft .Net framework 4.6. This gives higher speed in downloads and updates and a better performance while using our software. In addition we developed three different ways to download FIXPERIENCE.

1) Online-Installer (Single PC Version)

This version contains the new FIXPERIENCE ‘web installer’. The download size is only 14 MB.
 During the installation, the software fetches the other required data’s from the fischer server.
 If you decide to download also the offline CAD module, the download size is approximately 540 MB.
 If the CAD online module is sufficient, the small download is recommended.
 This Download is recommended for single PCs which are connected continuously to the web.
Download Single PC Version

2) MSI Network packet for Admins (Network Version)

This version is for network admins which can handle this installation in their network and/or on terminal servers.
Download Network Version

3) Offline Installer (CD Version)

This version contains the CD-Version which will be always updated when the online version will get an update.
 Hence, it is possible to keep FIXPERIENCE also up to date, if the user is not online.
 This Download is recommended for single PCs which are not connected to the web.
Download CD Version