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Sprinkler systems. Efficient fire alarm and extinguishing systems!

Sprinkler systems are alarm and fire extinguishing systems

Sprinkler systems are alarm and fire extinguishing systems Sprinkler systems belong to the group of extinguishing systems, which usually cover the whole areas. This means that sprinklers are usually installed in all rooms of a building and are designed in accordance with the actual fire hazard.
This factor also turns the sprinkler system into an alarm system, because the temperature-dependent opening of a sprinkler activates an acoustic alarm and usually a signal is sent to the fire alarm system. In addition, sprinkler systems‘ fire extinguishing rates have been very high since decades, which is why sprinkler systems are the standard in some types of buildings.

Examples of use:

  • Industrial companies
  • High-bay warehouses
  • Office buildings
  • Logistics areas
  • Public buildings and institutions
  • Sales entities
  • High-rises
  • Underground garages
  • Museums
  • Congress and conference centres

Fastening of sprinkler systems

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  • In general, sprinkler systems are designed according to different standards. For example, according to the VdS standard (VdS CEA 4001), the American FM standard 1951 (Factory Mutual Insurance Company (FM Global)), UL 203 (Underwriters Laboratories (UL)), according to NFPA 13 regulations (National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)) or to EN 12845.
  • The European CEA 4001 regulation was issued in 1995 by the insurance industry in cooperation with the manufacturers‘ association EUROFEU and was issued in Germany in the year 2003 by the VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH as VdS CEA 4001.
  • EN 12845 was drawn up based on CEA 4001 issued in 1995 and the VdS CEA 4001 issued in 2003, so that a nearly identical standard was developed. National practices, for Germany for example, shall be included in the reviewed DIN 14489 as a national annex to DIN EN 12845.
  • The American regulations correspond with regard to their requirements on pipework fixing, but there are differences in detail that have to be observed.

Requirements on pipe hangers

  • The category of pipe hangers also include – apart from pipe clamps or loops – all other types of fastening elements such as plugs, anchors, beam clamps, trapezoidal sheet holders, etc.
    Various load values, distances between pipe hangers and connection sizes for pipe loops and clamps, apply for sprinkler pipe fixings.

For the fixing, please use our massive plug and anchor assortement.

Product overview

Sprinkler clamp FRSL The premium sprinkler loop with separable band and height adjustment, VdS approved
Sprinkler clamp FRSP The universal sprinkler loop, FM approved
U-bolt ETR The U-bolt with metric thread
Threaded rod G / Threaded stud GS Steel quality 4.8
Beam Clamp Steel TKLS Steel Bite Beam Clamp allows simple fixing by hammering to steel beams
Clamp hanger TKL Vds, FM and UL approved
Profile hanger TZ / TZH Metal ceiling hanger - Profile hanger TZ / TZA / TZH, Vds or FM  approved

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fixings for sprinkler systems

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