fischer FPX-I: The first mechanical aircrete anchor with ETA approval

The aircrete anchor fischer FPX-I simplifies fixings, as no special tools or torque wrenches are required for setting or mounting. This fischer innovation makes your work easier and guarantees you the greatest installation safety:

  • Intelligent installation technology with a hexagon socket

The expansion sleeve is anchored by screwing in with a hex driver. The installation mechanics guarantee 100% control when setting thanks to the hex driver automatically clicking out.

  • Metric internal thread

The metric internal thread allows for the use of conventional screws and threaded rods. This reduces storage costs and complexity.

  • Quadrilateral expansion sleeve

After pre-drilling, the anchor is hammered in without the need for drill hole cleaning. As it is installed, the four wings expand to create an undercut. Thus the cone is pulled into the expansion sleeve. The unique square expansion sleeve which is attached to the lower part ensures safe installation without rotation in the drill hole. This guarantees the absorption of high tension and shear loads, meaning that fewer fixing points are needed.

As the first steel anchor with ETA approval for the tensile and pressure zone and fire protection (R 120) for fixings in aircrete, the new, patented fischer FPX-I can be used for safety-relevant fixings. The FPX-I consists of three elements: the conical head with various metric internal threads, the screwed counter bearing for fixing underground, and the square expansion sleeve.

The fischer innovation is mainly suited to the removable fixing of heavy loads such as suspended ceilings, pipelines, cable trays, ventilation ducts, as well as built-in furniture in aircrete. The new aircrete anchor from fischer is ideally suited to numerous applications in the fields of heating, plumbing and air conditioning. The galvanised design is suitable for use in dry interior spaces. According to ETA, the FPX-I may also be used for fixings in panelled aircrete masonry (plastered, tiled, papered). In this case, the anchor is to be set flush to the surface of the fixing material.

The aircrete anchor can be used in aircrete compression strength classes PB 1.6 N/mm² to PB 6.0 N/mm² in line with ETA approval. In addition, the FPX-I can also be installed in wall and ceiling panels made of aircrete of compression strengths PB 3.3 N/mm² to PB 4.4 N/mm².